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Alcohol usage during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol usage increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects. It can cause a multitude of physical, developmental and cognitive problems known as fetal alcohol syndrome. The defects caused by alcohol use can affect up to 5% of all pregnancies.


Maternal drinking

Alcohol use when applied to each trimester throughout pregnancy is associated with a significant increase in child dysmorphology, and negative cognitive and behavioral outcomes. First trimester drinking is associated with a 2X increase for fetal alcohol syndrome. First and second trimester drinking increases the odds of fetal alcohol syndrome by 61X, with drinking throughout pregnancy increasing the risk by 65X. Binge drinking has a significant association with child dysmorphology, low non-verbal IQ, poor attention span, and behavioral problems.


CDC Guidelines

– Women who are pregnant or who might be pregnant should be aware that any level of alcohol use could
harm their baby
– All types of alcohol can be harmful, including wine and beer
– Stop drinking alcohol if you are trying to get pregnant or could get pregnant