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18 months to 24 months

Signs of Possible Delay

Gross Motor and Sensory
– 18 months:
– does not walk and has hypersensitivity to sounds, movement or different textures
– 24 months
– walks on toes consistently or has trouble with heel-to-toe walking
– trouble pushing wheeled toys
– appears overly irritable

Fine motor and Vision
– trouble grasping or using utensils or a brush
– has trouble using both hands together; poor eye-hand coordination
– does not notice or point out objects that are near or distant
– squints often
– tilts head or moves objects closer to see
– clumsier than their peers


– does not try to imitate sounds or words; cannot combine 2 words
– limited vocabulary (15 words or fewer)
– lacks imitation of actions, gestures, or words

Cognitive and Behavioral Development
– has decreased understating of one-step instructions, function of common objects

Social and Emotional
– lacks social skills or prefers to interact with familiar adults
– does not enjoy play

Daily Routines

– continues to use the bottle at age two
– has little ability or interest in feeding themselves
– has trouble swallowing or frequent coughs, chokes while eating or drinking