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Possible Delay 2 to 3 years

Signs of Possible Delay

The following may be signs of possible delay

Gross Motor and Sensory
– walks and runs clumsily, often losing balance
– difficulty with throwing a ball overhead
– difficulty with jumping
– tends to push too hard

Fine Motor and Vision
– child has trouble with scrubbing, block building into a tower
– child has trouble with grasping a crayon or pen
– increase sensitivity to light
– avoid far vision (playing ball) and near vision activities (working with puzzles)

Cognitive and Behavior
– fantasy play is difficult for the child
– no interest in playing with sibling/children at the child’s own age
– doesn’t respond to outsiders
– excessive separation anxiety response

Other Signs of Possible Delay

Speech and Language
– limited vocabulary of less than 50 words
– does not pay attention when the child is spoken to
– does not use sentences with multiple words

Social and Emotional
– ignores outsiders
– excessive separation anxiety

Daily Routines

Possible signs of Delay in Daily Routines
– child has unusual food preferences
– still needs to be spoon-fed and uses the bottle
– trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
– trouble with breathing or snoring during sleep