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Possible Delay in 3 to 5 year old child

Signs of Possible Delay

The following may be signs of developmental delay.

Gross Motor and Sensory
– child does not jump, ride a tricycle
– child may have difficulty with throwing a ball overhead
– protest during dressing, feeding and possibly toiling

Fine Motor and Vision
– child has trouble with scribbling, grasping a pen or crayon

Cognitive and Behavior
– continues to have separation anxiety
– has difficulty responding to people and show little interest in playing with other children

Other Signs of Possible Delay

Speech and Language
– does not use multiple-word sentences and child does not talk about daily experiences
– vocabulary is limited

Social and Emotional
– continues to have separation anxiety
– refuses to respond to people and has little interest with other children

Daily Routines

Possible signs of Delay in Daily Routines
– child is unable to uses utensils
– has trouble with independent toiling
– has trouble with sleeping